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Notes on things that are vaguely interesting I picked. Sort of considering changing my VAN/SJS result.

Round 1

DET over ANA in 7: Good rivalry, wouldn't be surprised if I get it wrong, but Detroit has owned Anaheim in the regular season the last couple of years. Lots of meltdowns from Anaheims star players, Datsyuk has fought Perry a couple times, and Detroit beat Anaheim in Anaheim twice in a row at the end of that giant home winning streak Anaheim had. Couldn't ask for a better matchup as a Detroit fan, should be fun even if it doesn't go the way I'm expecting. Expect surprisingly dirty hockey for a series involving the Red Wings.

LAK over STL in 7: Imagine as the defending champs most people will predict it this way, but two good teams and I'd expect the winner to get to the conference finals fairly easily if Anaheim or Vancouver loses to give them another round away from Chicago.

Round 2

WSH over MTL: I don't think anyone in the East is that good this year other than Pittsburgh and Washington is super hot, if they get past the Rangers without half the team being injured or tired I think they'll probably take this. While I'm sure everyone remembers Halak shutting them down a couple years ago, he's in the East now and Ovechkin usually plays really well in front of good crows like the one in Montreal. A series I think would be really fun if it happens.

LAK ver VAN: Vancouver feels like it's getting gradually worse to me in a way similar to its first round opponent is, if Detriot does beat Anaheim I can't imagine them knocking out St Louis or LA.


CHI over PIT: Really --gutless-- pick to put the two one seeds in the finals, but I think these two teams are just way better than everyone else this year. It seems like a lot of other good teams kind of took it easy this season to end up in a better long term cap position rather than pushing really hard to win the cup right now, but both of these teams have super stacked rosters and deserved to run away with the one seeds. Even though these are sort of big rivals with the teams I cheer for (less Chicago since that's way too friendly to be a rivalry) I think this would be a super fun final in spite of how inevitable it seems.
First Round

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins vs New York Islanders 4 games

Montreal Canadiens vs Ottawa Senators 5 games
This isn't even an upset. The Canadiens are not worthy of their seeding and only got it because of the season being so short. There's no way a team full of 5'6 players is going anywhere in the playoffs.

Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers 6 games

Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs 6 games

Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild 5 games

Anaheim Ducks vs Detroit Red Wings 5 games

Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose Sharks 7 games
Both of these teams are running out of time to win the cup with their current core. This will probably be the best series in the first round.

St. Louis Blues vs LA Kings 6 games

Second Round

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators 6 games

Washington Capitals vs Toronto Maple Leafs 6 games

Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks vs San Jose Sharks 7 games
Like I said before, the Sharks are going to give it everything they've got. The Hawks have had an amazing season, but this is San Jose's year.

Anaheim Ducks vs St. Lous Blues 6 games

Conference Finals

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals 5 games

Anaheim Ducks vs San Jose Sharks 5 games

Stanley Cup Finals

Pittsburgh Penguins vs San Jose Sharks 5 games
Well..San Jose wanted to did I.


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round 1:
If the habs didn't completely fall apart at the end of the season I might have predicted them to go a round or 2 cause I like their depth and markov+subban. I also think teams that rely heavily on their PP have a greater chance of being upset, like I think the caps will be. The caps have been really hot though and finally have a good 2nd line, so who knows. Should be a great series though. I think toronto will actually make it a series, but they just aren't very good and will lose.

Anaheim is just not very good. Even if they win round 1 I can't see them going farther than that. The nucks and sharks was close, with kesler back/d sedin healthy/newly acquired roy I think they take this. The kings have dominated the blues for the past 2 years, can't see that suddenly changing.

round 2:
Picking the two 1 seeds and the defending champs, nothing to see here. I think the rags are better than their seed and they've been really good post gaborik trade. The rags handle boston well and will win this series should it happen.

round 3:
The hawks are the team of destiny this year. The rags usually have trouble with pitt so idk if they could actually win this series should it happen. But fuck picking the 2 #1 seeds, and I think the rags are a lot better than a #6 seed.

round 4:
hawks. fuck the rags, I couldn't bear watching them lift the cup


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Lol, this was interesting...6 out of the 8 first round series could go anyway (only "sure" about Chicago and Pitt there, should be sure about Boston but they are kinda struggling atm)

After that is a pretty big crapshoot imo, cause so many of the teams are physical, tough, good defensively and a hot run could let basically any of them take it all...gonna go with the those #1s though in the finals.

Pitt to win it all.
Something just got me thinking, I know a lot of people base their playoff statistics off of the regular season, which indeed they should, but has anyone ever considered Minnesota sweeping Chicago, or at least beating them in 7?

I remember what happened to the Penguins in '93, perhaps the best Penguins team ever and they get upset by NYI.

So maybe we should be looking at this upside down?


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R1 - The Blackhawks are the team to beat in my eyes and I don't think the Wild stand a chance. Not enough firepower and Ryan Suter can't play against both lines of Chicago's top 6. Detroit lucked out with a good match up against Anaheim, IMO. The Red Wings have been in win or die mode for a couple weeks now and I think that'll be enough to get them past an overachiever like the Ducks. I see Nucks and Sharks going either way but I'll lean Sharks because of Brent Burns, power forward. Kings and Blues will probably end up being close, too, but I'm just completely unwilling to put faith in Brian Elliott long term.

R2 - I think the Hawks will roll over the Wings in 5, even though it pains me to say that, thanks to a disparity in rest and travel - and not to mention better depth. Howard will do his best to steal a game or two, though. Sharks over Kings is probably a ballsy call but maybe, just maybe, Antti Niemi outplays Quick as the difference.

West Finals - Chicago benefits from lighter rounds 1 and 2 and beats whoever they face here, Sharks or otherwise.

R1 - Penguins are stacked, Islanders are not... should be a fun, but short, series. The Sens, like the Wings, have been in win or die mode whereas the Habs clinched and then relaxed. Karlsson returning will be a big boost to this team, perhaps what's needed to push Ottawa through. I was really tempted to pick the Rangers but I want to see offensive hockey win out from an entertainment perspective so I'll be cheering hard for Ovie & co. Boston owns Toronto, I don't care how badly the Bruins have played lately... the Leafs are just happy to be here.

R2 - Matt Cooke v Ottawa in a series, yes please. I expect the Penguins' depth to win out against the Sens. Picking the Caps is less me believing in Washington and more me believing that Boston won't have it all pieced together in time after playing an easy series against Toronto.

East Finals - I just really want this match up to happen to renew the whole Crosby / Ovechkin thing. Like the Blackhawks, I think the Penguins can beat anyone in the conference in a series.

Cup Final
Hawks in 7. Please let the best two teams play each other for the Cup, kthx.

General Comments: My picks have some pretty apparent trends that, in general, reflect my thoughts on the playoff teams. The top seeds are clearly the best teams of their conferences and my prediction for short round ones + final appearances for both Chicago and Pittsburgh back that up. I think the 2 seeds overachieved but also drew less than ideal match ups early as both 7 seeds are dangerous. It seems like the 3 seeds underwhelmed in weak divisions over the full 48 game season... each has the potential to do well or flame out early so I picked one 3 seed to do well and one to fail. I'm also pulling for a lot of these match ups.. if they happen, they'll be enjoyable to watch for various reasons and story lines.

Edit: I just realized I picked perennial playoff underachievers SJ and Washington to go to their conference finals. Oh boy...


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waiting for predictions that don't include either the Hawks or the Pens

what, don't look at me, I'm not that stupid
Fuck yussssss. What a winner.

Shaw's smasher, tosser 3/4 down the ice, and the sexy soft slinger into the net.

We made it hard on ourselves. But I knew Wild wouldn't be a breeze. Aka, unpredictable playoff hockey.
I simply couldn't take my eyes off that game, there was so many chances and great saves made, it was truly an exciting match. Wonder if things would've been different if Backstrom was in net. Anyway Blues win! :D MY fav team in the west as of now.
What a game! Blues-Kings might be the best series. Quick with the giveaway after he stood on his head the entire game lol. Alex Steen was all over the ice. He has developed into quite a player.


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Playoffs started yesterday but no one posts on smogon during vacation so whatever. No analysis except for my own.

Chicago vs Minnesota

Chicago in 6.

Anaheim vs Detroit

Anaheim in 6

Vancouver vs San Jose

Vancouver in 7. Apparently people forget that we had Ebbett as our second liner against the Sharks and no Kesler and Roy.

St Louis vs LA

LA in 7

Pittsburgh vs NYI

Pittsburgh in 6

Montreal vs Ottawa

Montreal in 6

Washington vs NYR

NYR in 7

Boston vs Toronto

Boston in 7
Penguins never fail to disappoint.
Something that just struck me, if the pens win the cup, what if Pascal Dupuis wins the Conn Smythe, that would be just amazing. :D


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As you all know, I am the unofficial hockey seer of

I correctly picked LA to win the cup last year, and this year I will make another bold prediction that will ultimately end up being 100% correct

If you don't want the Stanley Cup Finals to be spoiled, dont click on the spoiler tag.

Washington Capitals vs. Los Angeles Kings in 6 games

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IMO St Louis is the darkhorse of the playoffs (in fact I believe I picked them to win the west). They got skill, size, grit, transition, defence, goaltending, and literally everything you want on a team. They finally got the LH dman to play with Pietrangelo, and Brian Elliot no longer has a .750 save %. As long as they can get some offensive consistency, they're going to be a juggernaut.


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Over a full season, Dupuis was on pace for nearly a 50-goal season. Calling a Conn Smythe for him isn't as ridiculous as it might sound, it only took the guy 15 seasons or so to find his stride.


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diaz is a fucking retard for the pass he made to eller

AND he makes an incredible amount of bad plays and turnovers afterwards. come on

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Over a full season, Dupuis was on pace for nearly a 50-goal season. Calling a Conn Smythe for him isn't as ridiculous as it might sound, it only took the guy 15 seasons or so to find his stride.
I doubt he'd even be on pace for a 30 goal season if he weren't playing with a certain center.
Great game from the Caps tonight. The Rangers played great but we were able to keep them from getting quality shots while getting them for ourselves. Also, Holtbeast.
Over a full season, Dupuis was on pace for nearly a 50-goal season. Calling a Conn Smythe for him isn't as ridiculous as it might sound, it only took the guy 15 seasons or so to find his stride.
20 goals in 48 games prorates to 34 goals in a 82 game season. That's not really close to "nearly a 50-goal season".

I doubt he'd even be on pace for a 30 goal season if he weren't playing with a certain center.
Well he scored 25 goals in 2011-2012. Only 3 of those goals were assisted by Crosby who missed 60 games.
posting express regret at predicting habs to get through a round, not sure what i was thinking there

i am ok with my probably wrong LAK prediction though

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